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The outcome of the local elections is now clear, but where does that leave the Arun Local Plan?

The outcome of the local elections is now clear, but where does that leave the Arun Local Plan?

When Arun’s councillors voted in April 2014 the majority of Conservative members did not support the Local Plan. Cllr Mrs. Brown and Cllr. Bower managed to get their Local Plan through only with the support of a handful of opposition councillors, some of whom are now gone.

Many of those councillors who supported the Local Plan did so, not because of its policies, but out of fear of planning by appeal if they did not. Yet, in spite of those fears, as we now know, the cabinet member for Planning has failed to maintain a 5 year Housing Land Supply, and the district is in any case wide open to predatory planning applications. The very thing that some councillors sought to avoid has happened anyway!

Since then there have been two major “game changers” which councillors have not yet had the opportunity to consider. Funding for an A27 Arundel Bypass has been announced and the council’s Enterprise Zone bid did not make the short list announced in the Chancellor’s recent budget statement.

Now we have a new administration at Arun. Of those councillors who were returned, only 18 out of 54 actually supported the Local Plan. That’s a rather poor 33.3%. The other 66.6% of councillors either opposed the Local Plan or have not yet had a say.

Only 15 of the current Conservatives supported the Local plan. Of those, 6 were cabinet members and 9 were back benchers!

The Examination in Public starts on 2nd June.

Will Councillor Mrs Brown seek the democratic approval of the new administration before the EiP takes the decision out of the councillor’s hands or will she deny the new councillors the opportunity to have their say?

Does Cllr. Mrs. Brown have the guts to call for an urgent vote of confidence in her Local Plan?

  1. May 11, 2015 at 9:00 am

    Spot on again Terry Ellis ! Indeed revenge I think I’m prove of that ! Commendable after election yet another face book page shouting demise of Bognor ! Fact is electorate voted. No disrespect too people like Paul wells Sandra Daniels France’s oppler Save bets for Bognor very easy my take is we will still see same old that saddens me for Bognor and its people I can go back to the seventys was always a thing divide Bognor littlehampton Adc know this how much cafe hotham park ? stage on sea ? Pier Road an area that will flood 20/30 years from now this will then need replacing all this in my mind is Adc run before they could walk I can see where they come from in race too keep up with others but safe too say they didn’t cut it Why because no areas of expertise sit on that council huge amounts of money get wasted as all stumble on blindly instead of working together acting on emotion easy sorted but as same old exists I fail too see where change will occur painful too watch ! Saddens me too think it could be so very different I for one will be cringing in the future but have no choice but too sit back and sigh at lack of logic by all who profess too know best !

  2. May 10, 2015 at 1:18 pm

    Very sound thinking, I really look forward to see what is going to happen, but the truth is that we know what ADC was like and I am doubting they will change, they will be like a kid who has had it’s bum smacked, revenge is always on their mind!

    • May 11, 2015 at 11:38 am

      Commendable Danny Dawes too link Bognor littlehampton too stand in unison like the coffee exchange programme many do this myself included a bakery and tearoom I used to have works well in community town cryer yes a good plan but not sure gagging laws exist we can only hope Terry Ellis by many working together for me well and truly smacked lol pity these break the law of which I can’t be party too disabled people are very much disadvantaged within Adc my medics don’t condone the little book lumping all under one umbrella 18 months on none expected this too continue must laughing was had at the assumption new home a cure and I’m grateful too those within wscc who offer trauma assistance where I might rebuild my life from what has been horrific I don’t beleive I’m exempt from society it’s been a very lonely road I’m not a politician I only have life experience and too learn from others who input for better.communication is the best tool we are all human beings and for me I can only hope one day to be included in society and I do beleive we all have this it’s time too now move on all hope rides on Wednesday at those who are concerned for me and all I know is no other in Arun will walk and follow after me through lack of understanding and knowledge happy too support any who support community for better ! I think all of us share that common cause thank you for all you do !

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