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A27 and A358 road cash to fund rail fare freeze, Labour says

This is a letter I sent to our local papers in January.


The problem we face in Arun District is one of economic stagnation. The main reason for this is the poor infrastructure generally, a dysfunctional Strategic Road Network (SRN) and, in particular, the lack of an Arundel bypass at the heart of the district. 

An A27 bypass at Arundel is crucial to the delivery of local, regional and national policies which seek the realisation of economic potential in the Sussex Coastal Sub-Region and turning around areas of deprivation in Bognor Regis and Littlehampton. 

Against this background, the recent announcement of £250 million funding for an Arundel bypass is very welcome news. However, we have heard it all before and so, naturally, some are already expressing concern that this funding might be withdrawn by the next government – which may have different priorities. 

If the Coast to Capital local enterprise partnership, West Sussex County Council and Arun District Council don’t press home the case for an Arundel bypass by visibly demonstrating how they will utilise this investment, then a future government might feel justified in withdrawing the funding. We must be seen to use it – or run the risk of losing it! 

So what steps can Coast to Capital, WSCC and ADC now take to “lock in” this funding, and before the next election? 

Proposals for an Enterprise Zone in Arun are the right idea but in the wrong location. Do we want Arun’s proposed Enterprise Zone to be located on land in Flood Zone 3, some miles from the A27, as is currently proposed? Or should it be located on brownfield land, in Flood Zone 1, astride the south coast railway line, and a stone’s throw from the proposed A27 Arundel bypass – at Ford airfield? 

Circumstances in West Sussex have changed materially as a direct result of the recent announcement from central government, and so, Coast to Capital, WSCC and ADC should now respond quickly to “lock-in” that funding, by initiating a change in location for Arun’s proposed Enterprise Zone. If we build our economic plans around an Arundel Bypass a future government will find it much harder to withdraw the funding!

Here’s what the Labour party has just announced.


Call me Mystic Meg!!!

  1. Brigitte
    April 15, 2015 at 9:35 am

    imperative ! without this going ahead dispite the tree huggers totaly selfish attitude ! large companys will not invest no jobs will be created ! our young people will have no futures ! As it stands visitors avoid visiting due too the never ending traffic jams its a traversty as it is ! my area is a nightmare and whilst some progress has been made copious amounts of supermarkets abound we are turning into a gridlocked concrete jungle ! and until any commit to this bypass the area will continue on a downturn i suspect this is going too continue and that in fact the whole area will continue too stagnate and suffocate and be stifled by those who lack vision and moreover lack ability too move forward its not rocket science too understand ! i would hate to know what our young people say further down the line that we will have totaly failed them have we learnt nothing are we following the usa concrete towns gridlocked empty buildings long overdue it goes ahead then we can move forward to attract investment visitors who then have a reason too come ! so come on be brave make those decisions or resign ! this mystic meg sees the upshot if you dont !

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