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Ford Enterprise Hub (FEH) response to the Arun Local Plan 2011-2031 Publication Version consultation

Here is the Ford Enterprise Hub (FEH) representation to the Arun Local Plan 2011-2031 publication version, policies maps and sustainability appraisal consultation.

FEH representation Arun Local Plan 2011-2031 Publication Version Representation Form – part A

FEH representation 1 _Purpose of FEH representations_

FEH representation 2 _employment – Flood Zone 3_

FEH representation 3 _employment – wage levels_

FEH representation 4 _employment – connecting Bognor Regis to the SRN_

FEH representation 5 _relating to soundness_

FEH representation 6 _breach of natural justice_

FEH representation 7 _Cabinet Member for Planning attacks community on TV_

FEH representation 8 _bias in the dissemination of information_

FEH representation 9 _flawed public consultations_

FEH representation 10 _Eco Town Select Committee membership_

FEH representation 11 _duty to cooperate_

FEH representation 12 _brownfield land_

FEH representation 13 _sewerage and energy from waste_

FEH representation 14 _the Arundel setting_

FEH representation 15 _transport hub_

FEH representation 16 _housing delivery and strategic locations_

FEH representation 17 _access to from the A27_

FEH representation 18 _Cabinet manipulation of Local Plan sub committee_

FEH representation 19 _evidence withheld from Local Plan Sub Committee_

FEH representation 20 _delays to LDF and Local Plan_

FEH representation 21 _announcement of government funding for an Arundel Bypass_

Appendix 1 – Arun press release – Dismay at Eco Town announcement

Appendix 2 – Transcript of BBC Inside Out programme 24.09.08

Appendix 3 – Cabinet Member for Planning statement to Aldingbourne Parish Council 16.11.08

Appendix 4 -Cabinet Member for Planning apology to Cllr Mrs Briggs 16.11.08

Appendix 5 – Cabinet Member for Planning resigns – Bognor Observer 18.12.08

Appendix 6 – Derek Waller reference to blind copies

Appendix 7 – ICO warns Arun re future conduct

Appendix 8 – CAFE meetings schedule at Arun

Appendix 9 – VAG web site home page

Appendix 10 – Cllr Dr Walsh – Bognor Observer 24.04.08

Appendix 11 – Shadow Secretary of State for Communities & Local Government letter – August 2009

Appendix 12 – Resolve your own housing issues, Arun Cabinet Member tells Chichester

Appendix 13 – Notorious crossing will be replaced, vows chief

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