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Arundel bypass announced!

Highlights of today’s announcement are:

  • improvements will be made to around 10 of the 31 junctions on the M25, including
    • expanding junction 30 to improve access to the new London Gateway port
    • a major rebuilding of junction 10, improving the least-safe junction on the motorway network
    • significant capacity enhancements between junctions 10 and 16 on the main carriageway, with new smart motorway technology to improve capacity and ease congestion
    • a strategic study to look at long-term answers to conditions on the south-west quadrant of the M25, that can make the route effective for a generation to come
  • investing around £350 million to transform the A27, with a new bypass at Arundel to complete the ‘missing link’, plus further improvements around Worthing, Lancing and Lewes – this will help the A27 link together as a single route, supporting the development of the local economy and removing notorious congestion hotspots
  • better access to ports, through
    • enhanced junctions on the A20 in Dover, for better access to the port and supporting new homes and jobs
    • improvements to the M271 Redbridge junction, required to get to Southampton docks
  • the A34, the main route from the Midlands to Southampton, will see investment of £30 million to ensure a crucial freight link and enhanced junctions will improve journeys around Oxford and Winchester
  • the A31 at Ringwood will be widened to help local traffic crossing the Avon and substantially improving safety
  • a new feasibility study will look at creating an expressway link between Oxford and Cambridge via Milton Keynes, fixing a long-standing gap in the network and bringing new capacity to support the growth of Bicester
A27 Chichester Improvement A27 Chichester Bypass: upgrading the four junctions on the Chichester bypass 2013
A27 Arundel Bypass A27 Arundel: new dual carriageway bypass, subject to consultation with the National Parks Authority, local authorities and the publication of this and alternative options Autumn Statement 2014
A27 Worthing and Lancing improvements A27 Worthing and Lancing: improvements to capacity and junctions along the A27, subject to consultation with West Sussex County Council and the public Autumn Statement 2014
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