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Letter from Terry Ellis to Nick Herbert MP

Here is a letter from Terry Ellis of Littlehampton to Nick Herbert MP. It is, I believe, an excellent summary of public feeling on the Littlehampton side of the river. Nice one Terry!

“Dear Mr Herbert

Although we are not in your constituency, the Local Plan decision on housing will impact on Littlehampton, so we are seriously concerned regarding the proposed 2,000 houses in BEW, 600 in Angmering and a 1,000 in The West Bank. On behalf of many people who have signed to the aims and principles of the Littlehampton Community Charter, (some 2,000 individual signatures and 66 Groups, Societies and Traders in Littlehampton) would like to thank you for coming along to the ADC Full Council meeting in Littlehampton.

You will now be acquainted with the manner in which ADC takes into consideration the views of the Residents. We have for many months been trying to get ADC to hear and understand the views of the Residents of Littlehampton and feel very aggrieved at their handling of matters. Some of the matters are outlined below. As we do not appear to ever get anywhere, we are looking for assistance in this matter and felt that as you witnessed firsthand their attitude to this, that perhaps you can give us some guidance in how to tackle this District Council.

  • Their attitude to the Government’s localism opportunities is extremely bad as they simply pay lip service to it or just seem to ignore it. The manner and statements regarding the Localism Act, in which ADC is riding roughshod over Government legislated localism, is disgraceful.
  • I have said they are morally, intellectually and financially bankrupt and are funding everything by selling off piece by piece property and land in Littlehampton. They want to sell the Town’s Swimming Pool and Leisure Centre off. They want to sell off the Windmill Theatre and Cinema Centre. They want to sell of the Town’s main car park, St Martin’s, to private developers. They originally wanted to sell of part of Norfolk Gardens for housing development. They want to claw back and sell land run by Littlehampton’s Sunnyfield Caravan & Camping site, making it commercially unviable. It just goes on.
  • They NEVER seem to listen or even hear what our two local MP’s say.
  • They NEVER consult with the people of Littlehampton – so how do they claim to represent us.
  • One other problem is coming to mind, when asking questions at Council meetings they never answer the question, merely trot out a reply that suits them and makes them look good and as there are never any chances to ask supplementary questions at that meeting, they know they can get away with it.
  • They will not attend open meetings where the Residents can debate with them.
  • Ham and River Ward in Littlehampton Ham suffer from serious deprivation, which is among the worst in the South East.
  • ADC cancelled The Windmill Inspire Leisure Cinema provisions, after a request by ADC for Inspire Leisure to reduce costs, this was against the wishes of the people and it is only due to the efforts of the people that we have the cinema re-opened.
  • ADC under the current leadership has taken over 9 years to implement a Local Plan and still has not done so. Part of that plan is the St Modwen scheme, which will include a Multiplex Cinema, we were at meeting of East Preston Parish Council where the Chair of ADC stated that Littlehampton is included in the catchment area for this Multiplex. It is not the same as having a Cinema in Littlehampton and is a fob-off against the development on the existing Windmill site.
  • Has allowed the regeneration of Bognor Regis to develop into a farce with no substantive decisions after 6 years and been prepared to let this continue year on year.
  • Ruined the Littlehampton Neighbourhood Plan, with a last gasp intervention with the Independent Examiner, and still refuses to have this matter sorted out so we have a Neighbourhood Plan.
  • Against the wishes of the people ADC has stated that they were keeping the Swimming Pool Land and the Sportsdome Land to ‘Develop’.
  • Tried to close down the Bowling Green and Tennis Courts at Maltraver’s Park.
  • Not have any communication with the Traders regarding the Pier Road work.
  • ADC are trying to cram in houses in the Wick area, on an already developed site, against the wishes of the local residents and Littlehampton Town Council.

We seriously need assistance in dealing with this District Council and your advice would be welcomed, now that you have seen them in action.

With best regards

Terry Ellis, Littlehampton

  1. May 4, 2014 at 5:06 pm

    Good question – where is Nick Gibb?

    They seek him here
    They seek him there
    His constituents seek him everywhere
    Is he in heaven?
    Is he in hell?
    That damned elusive Pimpernel!

  2. John Penfold
    May 4, 2014 at 4:28 pm

    Yes,good letter and he could add trying to force Arundel Town Council to give up the Town Hall car park so they could sell it to a developer for private parking for residents of nearby apartments with no off street parking.

    Also,the bowling green and tennis courts in West Bognor that they wanted to sell for development.

    Where is Nick Gibb in all this ? Apart from standing in a puddle on Ford Airfield last winter stating that flooding there will render it unsuitable for development,he says nothing about Arun’s plans.


  3. Terry Ellis
    May 3, 2014 at 3:06 pm

    Thanks Tony, I just hope it has some effect 

    Terry Ellis   Tel: 01903 718186 Mobile: 0790 8866774   email: terryellislondon@yahoo.co.uk

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