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Its Barnham, Eastergate, Westergate, Angmering and Westbank all over again!


Did you really believe that when the council said  flood concerns had caused them to rethink their strategic locations that they were sincere? Perhaps what they really meant was that they were just waiting for things to dry out a little?

See http://www.arun.gov.uk/main.cfm?type=LOCALDEVELOPMENTFR for the agenda for the 27th March meeting of the LPSC.

The recommended strategic locations are exactly as they were before.

  1. March 15, 2014 at 12:36 pm

    The super glossy spin Mr. Meecham has put on his piece is truly a master piece. He notes extensive public consultations with the developers, evidence based studies, and a members workshop at which the planning officers gave “no advice or opinions” etc., etc., blah, blah, blah. Anyone would think that an all inclusive process had taken place where all stakeholders opinions, concerns, suggestions and so on, had been fully taken into account to arrive at this report. However the truth is that ADC and co have just been, going through the motions, or in modern day parlance, ’ticking boxes’.

    This would all be very good if it was not for the fact that the basic premise on which his whole report is founded i.e. that the area needs and average of 580 homes per year for the plan, is considered by many to be flawed.

    This number has frequently been contested by local communities and one on which the council has been regularly challenged. To date they have steadfastly ignored the concerns of the communities about the derivation and therefore the validity of this number.

    With Mr. Meecham’s veiled threats that if that his recommendations are not approved further delays will occur, he and the ADC have arrived at a very pale solution to the issue of housing allocations and numbers.

    It seems this conservative led council are taking the same rather tardy approach to housing issues as they recently took in appointing the new vice chair of ADC (Cllr Cooper); anything/anyone will do – just approve it no matter what.

    Things will remain the same if they don’t change

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