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Censorship by the Villages Action Group (VAG)


The following post was recently submitted to the VAG web site and was censored (not published).

“It’s becoming increasingly obvious to all, except Mr Herbert, that there is a serious shortage of housing in West Sussex. What we need is a grown up debate about the merits of new settlements versus village extensions. Instead, what we get is NIMBY Nick!   

Nick Herbert can always be relied upon to oppose housing whenever or wherever there is a development proposal. He will never say where housing should be located – he just trots around his constituency saying, not here, not here, not here etc. He is an irresponsible MP. I have seen more responsible children. 

When brownfield land at the disused Ford Airfield was under the spotlight for development (a new settlement as an alternative to village extensions) Mr Herbert probably did more than anyone in the Arun district to “steer” development away from Ford Airfield and instead towards the villages of Barnham, Eastergate, Westergate and Angmering.   

He was fully aware that merging the three historic villages of Barnham, Eastergate and Westergate and a smaller development at Angmering were the most likely alternatives when he campaigned against a new settlement on brownfield land at Ford Airfield.  

He had an election to win at the time! There were cheap populist votes to be had!“ 

It is important that VAG supporters know that what they read is being carefully controlled by their leaders.

What else has been censored?

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