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Where’s our £80,000 being spent?

Parish and Town councils across the district have had their funding slashed by Arun District Council – but why isn’t there enough money for them?

At Full Council on 29th May 2013, the council resolved: “(2) strategic allocations be determined in light of the outcome of a review of the SHMA;” and “(4) the sum of up to £100,000 be agreed as a supplementary estimate for the production of studies and other evidence to support the above. This is equivalent to £1.81 on a Band D property of the Council Tax.”

We now know that the (second) review of the Strategic Housing Market Assessment (SHMA) will cost £20,000 – so what is the balance of £80,000 for?

So far, Arun have refused to disclose exactly what “studies and other evidence” this money is for. In response to a public question the leader merely repeated the mantra that it is for “studies and other evidence” but why won’t the council provide details? What studies? What evidence? What are they hiding?

A supplementary estimate for £100,000 constitutes major expenditure, particularly in these difficult times, when local authorities are making huge cuts in public expenditure, including service reductions, pay freezes, staff redundancies and, of course, withdrawing support from Town and Parish Councils.

Perhaps Arun’s Conservatives feel that they are so important that they do not need to explain what they are doing with our money, whilst they slash funding to our Parish and Town Councils?

  1. September 25, 2013 at 10:24 pm

    As you are aware not just for me but so many issues and I for one would realy like to know what does go on and why questions aren’t answered effectively because so much money is getting wasted it doesn’t help either a arun councillor today going on about ed millerband being a socialist on twitter in relation to energy er excuse me wick edf me paying 2 costs 1 council charge edf the provider hardly acting for the electorate of arun also more money to be wasted littlehampton swimming pool adc already know people’s views and I for one fully support politics out of it and more money should not be given to councillors who clearly are putting there political views before local people as was evident today I can only support those who do act for the people huge huge concerns today and when my ordeal is over I shall state to the gentleman concerned as to me he is just a glory hunter and part of browns boys glorified kindergarten

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