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A29 Realignment Viability Study – Aldingbourne Parish Council response


Aldingbourne Parish Council’s response to the A29 Viability Study can be read here. (this includes the map).


Message from Graham Draper – UKIP candidate for Fontwell Division

April 18, 2013 5 comments

My name is Graham Draper and I am standing as the UKIP candidate for the Barnham area.

I am not in any way a career politician but merely a local resident with a passion for the community. I have lived in the area for over 20 years and am appalled at what has been allowed to happen to our once peaceful and beautiful part of West Sussex. I am also horrified at future plans dictated by the coalition government, which will no doubt be “waived through” by our local Conservative council.

Local people are the best judge of what should be happening in their towns and villages, not faraway politicians or even councillors who live outside the area. My aim is to give local people a voice and ensure that their opinions are listened to when planning decisions are taken, which are often the complete opposite of what the constituents want and know is best for their area.

I have been involved in various battles against the destruction of our heritage and lifestyle, the most recent being the horrific proposal of a new “garden city” comprising 2,200 dwellings on rolling green field countryside. It is hard to comprehend the reason for this plan when our local housing need can be counted in single figures.

I am also involved in the hopeful closure of the Lidsey landfill site which not only presents a health hazard to local residents but is also causing problems for publicans, as the dreadful stench emitted from the tip prevents people sitting in their own gardens.

However, to be more effective in my fight to preserve our heritage, our countryside and the lifestyle of the community, I need a seat on WSCC. There you may be sure I will listen to the concerns of my constituents, act in their best interests and respect their wishes at all times.

You have my support.

Message from Steve White – Lib Dem candidate for Fontwell Division

Here is a message from Steve White, the Lib Dem candidate for Fontwell Division.

First, as the Liberal Democrat Candidate in this election I am opposed to the Garden City development. Residents simply do not want to see it because it threatens the nature of our existing rural communities. One of the great pleasures of living here is that we are close to open countryside around our communities. Many of us moved here because of it and we want to keep it that way. In addition this development will have huge implications for potential of flooding in the whole area.

As a newly elected Liberal Democrat Councillor to Eastergate Parish Council I worked with my fellow councillors on Barnham, Aldingbourne and Eastergate Councils to organise meetings in all three parishes to tell residents about Arun District Council’s plans for the 2,000+ development.

A Liberal Democrat leaflet was produced at the time to tell residents about these meetings explaining what was happening.

We couldn’t believe that Arun was holding a consultation during the summer holiday period. The meetings were packed and residents expressed their views. Arun is planning to hold the next major meeting on the Plan after the elections…

We must have an Arun District Council Plan in place so that we can all be protected from unwanted development. The longer we don’t have a plan the greater the risk of development.

Residents heard at the meetings that, sadly, we will have to accept some development in our villages in order to ensure we get the plan agreed.

My personal view is that if this really is necessary that it should be for young people who have been brought up here to have a chance to stay here. Some older people who may want to “downsize” would like to stay here as well. Any Plan should meet these needs before anything else.


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Message from John Mayes – Labour candidate for Fontwell Division

April 1, 2013 4 comments

I have offered the candidates in the forthcoming County Council elections an opportunity to comment on the  draft Local Plan.

Here is a message from John Mayes, the Labour candidate for Fontwell Division:

“As I’m sure you will be aware, Arun District Council is planning a new so-called ‘Garden City’-style development of over 2,000 houses between Eastergate, Westergate and Barnham.

The Labour Party has deep misgivings about such plans, we would opt for preference for brownfield sites. We do accept that Arun has to share its part of the burden to provide decent and affordable homes, especially and in the main for those who live here and will be forming households (eg families, partnerships, single persons) in the next decade.

Such provision must have full infrastructure, with an emphasis on reducing environmental impact such as road traffic reduction, energy-efficiency etc. We also believe that jobs cannot grow in the absence of adequate housing supply including: bringing property into use for housing, refurbishment, and new-build.

We do consider the first requirement of a decent family life, good health, educational achievement etc to be a decent, affordable home. On that issue, we in Labour are solid, not to do this condemns people to failure, ill-health and also the community to increased spending to deal with the consequences.

Simply adding to the edge of the existing towns is misguided, and this applies to piecemeal development in rural areas. We want to see an adequate build on a brownfield site, preferably close to an existing rail link which has good access to Bognor, Littlehampton, Chichester, Portsmouth, Worthing, Brighton, London.

We want to see the rural environment protected as much as possible in this, not to the exclusion of those who NEED homes. Building unaffordable properties available only to the very well-off serves no local need. The Coalition budget plans do nothing to help those who NEED homes to be built.”