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West Sussex County Council Report on the June 2012 Flood Event

The West Sussex County Council Report on the June 2012 Flood Event, plus appendices, can be viewed here:


  1. Flid
    December 13, 2012 at 9:18 pm

    I can comment on this all I know is today Arun swing as I was told they would you just had your 14days adaptations my eye West Sussex say its to much money answer the question Arun my housing assessment is incorrect if not why do I have a degenerative condition under a specialist unit given cytoxic drugs used for ra cancer and leukimia and you ask me to report change no body is supporting you -temperatures keep making me lose function medics appalled I’m out of here to spend Xmas in a caravan own up to your circumvention to lgo I am assured 100per cent you are going to swing and I thank equality commission and sheltar who are now going to serve proceedings in the courts at what has been found this week I can’t get out of here it breaks the law other people are also seeing solicitors no fire regs a old man upstairs flat awaiting hip operation old lady same as me no heating and look at all the waste I have told sheltar melgar enviro mental came here in July bathroom ceiling split whole bathroom black if this was a private landlord they would be prosecuted no doubt the scruffy rude idiot takes back handlers its high time they were kicked out I’ve currently got employers contacting me saying sorry my medic know at times I’ve slept in my car next week they will know its per ante at what Arun have done to me 3years it took hard work to walk again read the paperwork Arun last fortnight just put me back there I’m outta here and will leave the legals to now do there worst not medics not ot not fire not dwp support you and right now I have never been so angry

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