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“I assure residents with absolute certainty……..”


It is interesting that Chichester City Council’s planning and conservation committee suggested talks with Arun District Council to consider the possibility of a new settlement (Bognor Observer, Sept 1st  2011), possibly at Ford – the largest available brownfield site in West Sussex, to serve the housing needs of both districts.

This is an interesting reflection of government policy which requires a duty to co-operate; “It is important for councils and other public bodies to work together across administrative boundaries to plan for the housing, transport and infrastructure that local people need.”

By dismissing Chichester City Council’s suggestion so quickly, did Conservative-led Arun, demonstrate an inability for open-minded consideration of planning proposals? …. and that they are at odds with the national objectives of their own government?

Councillor Bower, Arun’s Cabinet Member for Planning states “I assure residents with absolute certainty Ford is not on the cards for development”. (source: Arun press release 2nd September 2011).

Are residents in Ford (Arun’s LDF option 2) being favoured to the disadvantage of other residents in areas like Angmering and Eastergate/Westergate/Barnham?

Did the council decide its position prior to the Local Plan evidence base being completed?

  1. Brigitte
    September 30, 2012 at 12:57 pm

    Page6 bognor observer where are the bowers living read Philippa bowers comment town hall bognor lights does she live in the kindergarten reporting civic centre has solar panels does she know what these cost to achieve a return on these would take ten years returning a minimal cost and then believes bognor should have different arun doesn’t need these glory hunters lets just keep the good councillors who will work for the community I think all are fed up with this person I for one asked for her assistance it wasn’t forthcoming it would appear only when it suits

  2. John Penfold
    July 14, 2012 at 4:57 pm

    Yes, the residents of Climping,Ford (mostly prisoners) and Yapton have been favoured over those of Barnham,Eastergate and Aldingbourne (Westergate).
    Cllr. Bower Member for East Preston and for Planning has rejected Ford,Climping etc as unsuitable for housing,I can’t understand why ?
    Anybody got any ideas ?
    John Penfold

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