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How many existing jobs will be lost?

The introduction to the Local Plan states:

“Arun has determined that economic growth for job creation is its number one priority. It wants to enable residents of working age to be able to work within Arun. This is called increasing ‘job density’ and it is the central theme of this plan. The Local Plan will help to achieve this by diversifying the range of employment sites available to investors; protecting existing viable employment land from other forms of development, encouraging employment growth in manufacturing, cultural, office, leisure, retail and marine based activities and freeing up commercial enterprise from planning red tape through the use of Local Development Orders.”

So how many existing jobs will be lost?

In September 2008, the Littlehampton Gazette informed us that the proposed development site at North Littlehampton is an existing and viable employment site. A local employer leases the greenhouses to grow strawberries, raspberries etc. and so, development at this location would almost certainly lead to the closure of the business located there and the loss of around 120 jobs. What is the fate of that business?

On May 17th 2012, the Littlehampton Gazette informed us of a similar threat in Angmering, where pre-application discussions have started for the VHB West End nursery site. Another existing and viable employment site which employs approximately 90 full time workers.

Nurseries make a substantial contribution to food production and to our local economy.

The public must ensure that Arun honours its commitment to:

protecting existing viable employment land from other forms of development”

When objecting we must draw attention to any existing viable employment sites and the potential job losses that will occur.

We must also ensure that there are no “smoke and mirrors” when it comes to counting jobs. Job losses must also be counted – not just new jobs created. If any business is forced to close or relocate outside the district that constitutes job losses to this district.

If you know of any businesses under threat please post the details here for all to see. Tell us what the business does/produces and how many people it employs.

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